Why Alliance?

The challenge for most agencies is time. There are lots of opportunities available for marketing and community outreach, but the staff is often stretched too thin to coordinate and staff these events on their own.  

Alliance serves as an extension of your staff. Our purpose is to utilize our experience to take on that challenge for you.  We help identify the right opportunities for you, negotiate on your behalf, activate the partnership, and ensure the overall success.  

Additionally, solicitations from these partners can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Alliance provides you with one source of communication, making the process more manageable for you.  


What Makes Us Different?

What sets apart from other agencies is our commitment to highway safety.  Over the past several years, we have developed a strong reputation within the industry.  Our staff is trained in highway safety issues and active in engaging at events.  



We Work For You.

Our agency doesn’t represent any individual property.  We work for you.  Our focus is your success.  This helps us evaluate opportunities and find the most effective and efficient to reach your goal.  



Seat belt rates in the United States have been rising steadily since 1983, with almost 90% of the country buckling up. 

Increasing seat belt use above 90% requires connecting with people with preconceived perceptions about why they don’t buckle up, or reaching those who haven’t heard the message consistently.

Alliance Highway Safety has a successful track record of engaging these people changing behaviors through outreach and messaging.

Sometimes, changing attitudes and behaviors to a positive social norm requires connecting on an emotional level.  Traditional media often fails to solicit such a response, but one-on-one connections can.  

Impaired driving is a message that needs to be reinforced through multiple connections. Just hearing the message once isn’t enough, it has to be at the forefront at all times when in a compromising situation.  

Alliance has developed several outreach campaigns to make sure the message is heard at the most critical times. Events like sporting events and beer and wine festivals reinforce the message of having a sober driver. At these events, drinking is prevalent, which is why hearing the message at this critical time is so important. It serves as the final reminder that a sober ride is the best choice.

Influence the influencers.

In high school, athletes are often the influencers within the school, and combating distracted driving is best fought by peer pressure and social norming.  Instilling the message that being distracted in the car is not ok.  Not only should using your phone while driving is not acceptable, as a passenger, your safety is also affected. Passengers should be empowered to speak up and say something when riding in a vehicle with someone distracted.

Alliance has developed outreach and engagement campaigns with high schools to raise awareness of the dangers distracted driving causes.  These programs include on-site engagements at the school, distracted driving focused speakers with our Choices Matter campaign, and aligning the message with the school’s athletic teams.  Through work with the athletic programs, coaches get involved, which helps spread the message to the athletes.  The athletes in turn influence the rest of the student body, spreading the message to the home and in the community.  

We will provide you with an effective, focused marketing campaign that is tailored to your objectives, a one-stop managed campaign in which we will coordinate all elements and production, and campaign follow-up and a final report listing all elements of your involvement.

What We Do

Over the past seventeen years, Alliance Highway Safety has evolved into an agency specializing in assisting state highway safety offices in outreach and awareness of important safety issues.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to highway safety and involvement with state agencies, annual meetings, and conferences.


Alliance has the ability to take your vision and implement it.  We operate as an extension of your staff.  Our team is trained to engage and interact at events and provide outreach.  


Alliance provides you with one source for all your production needs.  Alliance can identify the right resources for each project, working directly with the vendor to ensure success, providing you with one point of contact for multiple projects. 

Media Buying

Alliance has experience in working with properties to provide you with one contract and one point of contact.  We work with the properties to provide you with the right medium to distribute your message and earn the best return on your investment.

Campaign Development

We have the ability to develop a campaign from start to finish.  From concept to reality.  We have the experience to develop a message, logo, branding, and activation.  We are problem solvers. 


Our experience is beneficial in reviewing what works and what needs improvement.  The Alliance team can evaluate your current partnerships and provide expert analysis as well as recommend changes or additional opportunities that may not have been considered.  

The faces behind our success

Meet Our Team​

Alliance Highway Safety has been dedicated to promoting highway safety messages through partnerships with State Highway Safety Offices and organizations since 2002.  Alliance identifies and aggregates groups fitting the target demographic of a particular need area to create, implement and activate an effective campaign.  By essentially becoming an extension of the highway safety organizations staff Alliance is able to effectively changes the attitudes and behaviors of drivers leading to life saving results.

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