Conference Services


Alliance Highway Safety recognizes that putting on an annual conference is a full-time job.  That’s why we’re partnering with the Governors Highway Safety Association to assist member states with all your conference and event planning needs. 

Alliance can help you identify and secure the best venueand provide staffto oversee all facets of the conference and/or work with you to train and coordinate volunteers. We can also help you identify and solicit exhibitorsfor your conference as well as design the exhibit floor plan

When it comes to the agenda, Alliance will work with your state to execute the conference themeby identifying and securing experts who can serve as plenary and workshop speakers. And if your conference includes spotlighting the work of law enforcement, community leaders, volunteers and/or advocates, Alliance can assist by planning the recognition event and securing the awards.        


Alliance will identify and secure the best venue for your conference. 


Alliance will provide staff to oversee the conference, and work with your team to coordinate volunteers. 


Exhibitors are an important part of any conference.  Alliance will organize and manage outside vendors to exhibit during your conference.  

Speakers & Topics

Alliance will work with your team to develop discussion points for the conference and identify the best speakers to enhance those conversations.  

Awards & Recognition

Alliance will coordinate with your office on recognizing the hard work of law enforcement, community leaders, and volunteers.