Alliance Highway Safety has created a network of experienced professionals on various highway safety topics.  Alliance will coordiante with your team on delivering a qualified speakers to your conference or event.  We will coordinate all logistics in getting the speaker to you, and provide you with one point of contact and contract.    

Chris Sandy

Chris Sandy has been featured in the Alliance-developed and implemented Choices Matter High School programs in Connecticut and Maine. When he was 22, Chris took the lives of two innocent people when he made the decision to drive drunk and speed. He spent eight years in prison for his crime and upon release made the decision to dedicate his life to helping people make better choices on the road. His message has a lasting impact on audiences and is helping to save lives.

David Francisco

David Francisco is not just a talented vocalist who appeared on American Idol, but also a crash survivor, who shares his story of being struck by a distracted driver while bicycling. Now paralyzed from the waist down, David’s story of perseverance includes a strong message about the danger of driving distracted and its impact on pedestrians and others on the road. He is featured in the Delaware Choices Matter High School program.

Cara Filler

Cara Filler is an internationally recognized motivational speakers who has shared her positive leadership and prevention message with more than 2 million people in five countries. The day before her 18th birthday, Cara’s identical twin sister was killed in a high-speed car crash. Since then, she has committed to helping others put life and its challenges in perspective delivering an impact message designed to inspire people to take action that saves lives. Cara has been featured in the Delaware Choices Matter High School program the past two years.