Teen Driver Safety Week



Alliance Highway Safety developed a Teen Driver Safety Week program, implemented through the high schools statewide in Delaware.

Promotion Box

Each school was provided with a promotional box to support Teen Driver Safety Week.  Each box included yard signs and banners to display during the week, suggested daily public address announcements and activities to use for Teen Driver Safety Week, and informational postcards and lifesavers, for the seat belt check.  

Seat Belt Check

One day during the week, local law enforcement and school officials stopped student drivers as they entered the school parking lot to check for seatbelt use.  Everyone caught wearing their seatbelt were rewarded with lifesavers.


Weeks prior to Teen Driver Safety Week, students were asked to record a tag that included their name and school, along with the safety message.  These tags were added to the radio commercials to help reinforce the message peer-to-peer. 


The commercials were provided to each school for use during their morning announcements and sporting events. 


Radio commercials were then played through Spotify.  Over 60,000 radio commercials were heard during the week on the Spotify app.  These spots targeted 15-18 year olds, and were able to deliver school-specific commercials to listeners within the school zip codes.  This made the messages more personable.  


The audio commercials were transformed into video commercials.  These spots were also distributed to the schools to share on their website and social media.