Occupant Protection

Seat belt rates in the United States have been rising steadily since 1983, with almost 90% of the country buckling up. 

Increasing seat belt use above 90% requires connecting with people with preconceived perceptions about why they don't buckle up, or reaching those who haven't heard the message consistently.

Alliance Highway Safety has a successful track record of engaging these people changing behaviors through outreach and messaging.

Sometimes, changing attitudes and behaviors to a positive social norm requires connecting on an emotional level.  Traditional media often fails to solicit such a response, but one-on-one connections can.  


"An important aspect of sponsorship is the level of loyalty that many enthusiasts pledge to sponsors of their favorite athletes, teams, or sports.  When many social marketing issues require an emotional - not just rational - response from someone to adopt behavior, the benefit of having the target audience positively disposed to the message because of a desire to support a sponsor is unmistakable."

Social Marketers in the Driver's Seat:
Motorsport Sponsorship as a Vehicle for Tobacco Prevention