Distracted Driving

Influence the influencers.

In high school, athletes are often the influencers within the school, and combating distracted driving is best fought by peer pressure and social norming.  Instilling the message that being distracted in the car is not ok.  Not only should using your phone while driving is not acceptable, as a passenger, your safety is also affected. Passengers should be empowered to speak up and say something when riding in a vehicle with someone distracted.

Alliance has developed outreach and engagement campaigns with high schools to raise awareness of the dangers distracted driving causes.  These programs include on-site engagements at the school, distracted driving focused speakers with our Choices Matter campaign, and aligning the message with the school's athletic teams.  Through work with the athletic programs, coaches get involved, which helps spread the message to the athletes.  The athletes in turn influence the rest of the student body, spreading the message to the home and in the community.