The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office established a partnership with Alliance to promote a motorcycle safety message at seven regional motorsports venues across the state. Premium in-venue signage and nightly public address announcements featuring the Okie Moto messaging were a source of exposure throughout the season.


Seven motorsports venues were incorporated into this marketing campaign.  In each of these venues, signs were placed in high traffic locations, and public address announcements were made nightly at each event.


Premium signage opportunities were placed within each venue, providing exposure at every event during the year.

Public Address Announcements

Nightly public address announcements were made prior to and during each race.  These announcements provided motorcycle safety facts and information to a captive audience throughout the race season.

On-Site Engagements

Alliance staff were on-site at each venue to activate the campaign and engage fans attending the event for Okie Moto.  A giant branded inflatable motorcycle was used to capture fans attention and spread the word beyond the venue through social media pictures and posts.  Fans were also engaged to take motorcycle safety-focused surveys, safe driving pledges, share the motorcycle safety message at home with yard signs, and try walking the line and corn hole with the impaired vision goggles. 

Designated Drivers are Legendary

The "Designated Drivers are Legendary" program was held to provide fans with the opportunity to register anytime during the season to pledge to share the road with motorcycles, drive sober, and use their seat belts.

Out of the pledges collected at the motorsports venues, one fan will be chosen and given the chance to attend an Oklahoma Sooners football game in Norman, OK with Sooner-legend and Heisman Trophy Winner Billy Sims who will serve as the Designated Driver for the evening.