New York

Since 2017, Alliance has worked in conjunction with the New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee through partnership with the STOP DWI NY program to create on-site engagement activities at six sports and entertainment venues across the state, including minor league baseball, minor league hockey, college basketball, fairs, and concerts.  These events are  strategically planned during enforcement periods and focused on an impaired driving message.


Alliance staff created an interactive display with an impaired driving simulator and materials to drive home the STOP DWI message to sports fans across the state during highly attended events throughout the year.  Fan driving surveys are a part of each event and fans are asked to take a sober driving pledge.  The Designated Drivers Are Legendary program is a key part of fan engagement at the venues, pulling in sports fans for a chance in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by making a commitment to always driving sober or using a designated driver.

Designated Drivers are Legendary

The Designated Drivers are Legendary program was held to provide fans with the opportunity to register anytime during the season to pledge to make sure to always have a sober driver.  Fans are engaged on-site with the opportunity to take a sober driving pledge for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown, NY with a Hall of Famer.  Fans also have the opportunity to make the pledge online via targeted digital promotion to New York local markets throughout the summer.
Out of the pledges collected, one fan is chosen and given the chance to take a limo to Cooperstown and get a guided behind the scenes tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum with New York Yankee Hall of Famer Goose Gossage.