The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety utilized Alliance Sport Marketing to coordinate outreach campaigns across the state. 

High School Football Schedules


Alliance coordinated a multi-venue campaign through ten (10) motorsports venues across the state, reaching the high-risk key demographic.  Motorsports venues were located in rural areas of Nebraska.

Impaired Driving

Through partnership with the regional motorsports venues in the state, the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety spread the You Drink. You Drive. You Lose. Message through venue signage, nightly public address announcements during each race, and race schedule posters, distributed throughout the community, placed in high traffic areas.

Watch for Motorcycles

To raise awareness for motorcycle safety, the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety also worked with the motorsports venues in the state to promote the Watch for Motorcycles campaign.  In addition to signs and nightly public address announcements, on-site engagements were coordinated and executed within each venue, engaging fans and raising awareness for motorcycle safety. 

High School Football Schedules

Alliance Highway Safety coordinated a distracted driving awareness campaign utilizing the state's passion for high school football. Alliance developed and produced football schedule banners for each high school in the state, featuring the One Text or Call Could Wreck It All message.  In all, 283 high schools across the state received a banner.  These banners were on display in high traffic areas within the school, throughout the football season.