The Maryland Highway Safety Office established partnerships with Alliance to activate a campaign promoting the highway safety message at several regional motorsports venues, minor league baseball teams, Beer and Wine Festivals, and a distracted driving school campaign.

Regional Motorsports

At the four regional motorsports venues, signs were placed in high visibility areas, and nightly public address announcements were made during the events. Alliance staff also hosted on-site activities to engage and interact with fans during multiple events per venue.

Minor League Baseball

The Alliance staff identified opportunities with the minor league baseball teams across the state where the teams were hosting beer specials at the ballpark. For those games the Alliance staff set up the interactive display to warn fans about the dangers of driving impaired.

Beer & Wine Festivals

Alliance also targeted the top beer and wine festivals throughout the state to spread the "Drive Sober" message via interactive activities such as a selfie station, which provided attendees with a way to have a picture taken and instantly uploaded to social media, and engagement of the public at the booths

High School Distracted Driving

During Distracted Driving Awareness month Alliance embarked on a campaign that visited high schools across the state.  The campaign included an interactive display with a distracted driving simulator and feature a school assemblies with the help of speakers sharing their experience of loss to bring awareness to the dangers presented by distracted driving.