The Iowa Department of Public Safety has enlisted the help of Alliance Sport Marketing since 2011 to promote the highway safety message at 18 regional motorsports venue situated in high-risk counties.

The campaign allows for exposure throughout the season with the help of trackside signage within each venue, and nightly public addresses in between the races during the events.


Iowa has a strong following for regional motorsports venues.  These venues are located in rural areas of the state, providing weekly live entertainment to thrill-seeking auto enthusiasts.


Premium signage opportunities were placed within each venue, providing exposure at every event during the year.

Public Address Announcements

Nightly public address announcements were made prior to and during each race.  These announcements provided safety facts and information to a captive audience throughout the race season. 


Promotional banners, featuring the local racetrack and highway safety message, were distributed to local high traffic locations, such as gas stations, bars, and restaurants. 

Choices Matter

Choices Matter is a campaign developed by Alliance Highway Safety to remind students that the choices we make have consequences. The Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau partnered with Alliance Highway Safety to develop and coordinate a five school campaign involving a guest speaker and in-school engagements with students on the dangers of impaired driving, distracted driving, and occupant protection.