The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute partnered with Alliance Highway Safety to coordinate their statewide marketing campaigns for highway safety initiatives through high school outreach, motorsports venues, fairs, and professional sports teams in Indiana.  

Professional Sports

Alliance coordinated on-site activations at 23 events, coinciding with the Operation Pull Over Blitz.  Events included activation with the Indiana Pacers as well as ten minor league sports teams.

On-Site Engagements

Alliance provided an interactive display and staff to engage attendees at these professional sporting events.  

Public Address and Scoreboard Announcements

Nightly public address and scoreboard announcements were made during home games with these teams. 


Motorsports venues were utilized to help spread the Drive Sober message throughout the state.  Motorsports venues attract a high risk, thrill seeking demographic and are often located in rural areas where traditional marketing is hard to reach. Twenty motorsports venues were included in this outreach campaign.


Track signage was placed within each motorsports venue promoting the Drive Sober message.

Public Address Announcements

Nightly public address announcements were made in each venue prior to and between races.  These announcements reinforced the safety message to a captive audience.


Alliance staffed an on-site activation display at each venue to engage fans at the track.  Staff were able to discuss safety issues and concerns and promote safe driving.


Concerts are another opportunity to reach a high risk demographic.  Concert attendees often drink prior to and during concerts, providing a great opportunity to instill the message to have a sober ride after.


Alliance staffed an on-site activation display at each venue to engage fans at the track.  Staff were able to discuss safety issues and concerns and promote safe driving.

Designated Driver Program

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute was recognized as the sponsor of the Designated Driver program that will include messages on the venue video board and public address system. The program provided free soft drinks and water to those who have signed up to be a designated driver.

Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle rides attract motorcycle enthusiasts as they coordinate a ride with large numbers of motorcycles hitting the road. Promoting the Watch for Motorcycles message here spreads the message to drivers to look twice for motorcycles. It also opens motorcycle riders up to hearing other safety related messages to make sure they are aware of their actions as well. 


Alliance staff were on-site to engage attendees on important motorcycle safety issues.  The display featured a 20' inflatable motorcycle that attracted attendees to visit and provided a memorable photo opportunity for social media.

Promotional Signs

Motorcycle awareness signs were produced and placed throughout the area, reminding drivers to watch for motorcycles.

High School State Tournaments

High school state tournaments attract large numbers of fans from across the state to cheer on their school. 


In-venue signage was placed within each high school state tournament. 

Public Address Announcements

Public address announcements were made at each high school state tournament.


The Alliance team provided an interactive display at each high school state tournament game.  Staff interacted with and engaged attendees to promote the highway safety message. 

Indiana State Fair

The Indiana State Fair attracts over 800,000 people annually from all over the state.  The state fair is great way to interact with attendants in a fun and informative way. 


The Alliance team engaged attendees through an interactive display.

Choices Matter

Choices Matter is a program developed by Alliance Highway Safety to engage students on a number of topics, all related to making the right choice, and understanding that the choices we make have consequences.

School Presentations

Alliance coordinated with each high school for an assembly featuring a Choices Matter presenter with an impactful story to share with students. 

Interactive Display

At each school, an interactive display was provided and staffed with distracted driving simulator, seatbelt game, and selfie station where students were invited to record a video or take a photo with the safety message to share on their social media. 

Campaign Materials

Campaign materials are given to each school to continue reinforcing the safety message after the tour.  The materials include campaign banners and posters to hang up in the school, sample public address announcements to be read at sporting events and over the school intercom during daily announcements and flash drives with campaign materials for websites, school videos, and print materials.