During the 2010 baseball season, the Illinois Department of Transportation utilized Alliance Sport Marketing to coordinate a You’ve Been Ticketed night with 14 minor league baseball teams across the state.  One night in each ballpark was designated as Highway Safety Night.  Fans wearing their seatbelts to the game were “ticketed” with a ticket for a future game, clickers were distributed to fans entering the ballpark, and Saved By The Belt recipients were recognized prior to the game.

Minor League Baseball

In partnership with the 14 minor league baseball teams in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Transportation received exposure during the summer months through in-venue signage and nightly public address announcements.  

You've Been Ticketed

During one game with each of the minor league baseball teams, Alliance Highway Safety worked with local law enforcement to host a You've Been Ticketed event.  As fans entered the parking area, law enforcement checked for seat belt use. Fans caught wearing their seatbelts were "ticketed" with a free ticket to a future game.  This allowed the officers to interact with fans on a positive level, providing a reward for the desired behavior of buckling up. This created a memorable experience that fans could take away from the ballpark and share their story with friends and family.  


Promotional noise makers were distributed to fans during one game with each team.  These "clickers" were used by fans throughout the game and provided a audible reminder to "Click It".

Saved By The Belt

Prior to the start of the game, each team held on on-field ceremony recognizing local Saved by the Belt recipients.  These individuals were involved in a crash, but survived because they were wearing their seat belts.  The presentation included stories from law enforcement about what they witnessed arriving on the scene and the relief they felt knowing the occupants wore their seatbelts.