Alliance Highway Safety worked with the Florida Department of Transportation to coordinate their outreach efforts utilizing the 14 minor league baseball teams in the state.  The program included season long exposure through stadium signage and a t-shirt giveaway promotion around the Memorial Day holiday.  In addition, local law enforcement stopped vehicles as they entered the stadium parking lot, checking for seatbelt use. Those wearing their seatbelts were "ticketed" with a ticket to a future game. 


Minor League Baseball

There are fourteen (14) minor league baseball teams across the state of Florida.  The Florida State Safety Office maintained season long exposure, April - September, with each of the teams.  In addition, an on-site activation at each venue around Memorial Day weekend focused efforts on occupant protection.



You've Been Ticketed

One game with each team during the Memorial Day target was designated as a Highway Safety focused game.  Alliance Highway Safety coordinated with local law enforcement for onsite presence.  Local law enforcement engaged fans as they entered the parking lot, checking for seat belt use.  Fans caught wearing their seat belts were "ticketed" with a ticket to a future game.  This positive reinforcement initiative allowed officers to interact with fans affirmatively, and created a memorable experience for all.

First Pitch

Prior to the game, local law enforcement officials were recognized on the field, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. 

Earned Media

Through the partnership with the baseball teams, local media were alerted of the events.  Additional earned media was gained by providing a unique story involving occupant protection.  Local law enforcement were given a platform to raise awareness for occupant protection.

Autograph Session

Prior to the game, players from the home team participated in an autograph session.  This also provided positive reinforcement for seatbelt use. 

Baseball Giveaway

Promotional team logo baseballs, engraved with the Buckle Up message, were distributed to fans as they entered the gates prior to the game, and provided extended exposure.

T-Shirt Giveaway

T-Shirts carry a high perceived value and are highly sought by fans in attendance.  T-Shirts were distributed to fans, and included the team logo on the front of the shirt, along with the safety message on the back.  Fans kept these T-Shirts and wore them to the ballpark for years.


In-venue signage was placed within each of the ballparks.  These signs provided year long exposure to all fans in attendance for each of the 70 home games and additional events held at the stadium. 

Public Address Announcements

During each of the 70 home games, nightly scoreboard and public address announcements were made, reminding fans to Buckle Up on their way home.